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Cat Grooming Prices

Lion Clip$63+ / $58+
with bath ~ $73+ / $68+
Bath and Comb Out$58+ / $48+
Comb Out (per half hour)$28
Nail Trim$10

For aggressive or stressed cat’s, shaves can be done under sedation. The sedation is performed by a veterinarian, at the Central Animal Hospital, for an additional cost. Advance notice may be needed.

All Cat Hair Cuts Include:

Ear Cleaning

Nail Trim

Bum Trim

Perfume/Cologne for pet

Pet Bandana (if desired)


All prices range based on the size of your pet, hair type, quality and condition of the coat and the trim desired. The pet’s temperament also plays a role in the price. A pet that is more challenging to manage, takes more time, thus could increase the price of the grooming.

A price estimate can be given prior to grooming upon arrival for your pets appointment.