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Cross Promotion with Central Animal Hospital

We work hand in hand with the Central Animal Hospital to provide your pet with the ultimate grooming and veterinary experience. Being located within Central Animal Hospital has allowed Head To Tail Pet Spa to provide all of their clients with Veterinary Services in conjunction with their pet’s grooming appointment. For example, if your pet is due for vaccinations, a Veterinarian from Central Animal Hospital will do a physical examination and administer the vaccinations while your pet is visiting our spa for a grooming. The same thing would apply to many other Veterinary Services that your pet may need. Anal gland expressions can be done by a Veterinarian during your pets grooming, blood work, check-ups etc.

Also, if we notice that anything is physically wrong with your pet while they are in for their grooming, we will let you know and if you wish, we can have a Veterinarian assess your pets’ condition and provide them with the needed medical attention as soon as possible.

We also have a $10 upgrade that you can attach to any grooming, which includes Veterinary Services. The upgrade is called the Prestige Package and if you choose to attach this upgrade to your pets grooming, then your pets’ dental heath will be assessed by a Veterinary technician. Your pet’s teeth condition will be given a grade scoring level, and if any medical attention is needed. You will also be given an estimate of how much this will cost, along with a $50 gift certificate towards the total procedure, if you choose to go ahead with the dental.

In addition when you bring in a puppy or kitten to Central Animal Hospital for their first set of vaccinations, you will be given a puppy/kitten package. This package will include many things, among them being a $10 gift card towards a grooming service at our facility.