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Spa Packages

Prestige Package

  • Tailored bath that includes a Microbubble bath with moisture plus, nail filing
  • Conditioning massage
  • Moisture plus (based on forest walk therapy)
  • Oral Breath spray
  • Nail filing
  • Dental health assessment
    • Dental health assessment is provided by a veterinary technician

$50+ add on (based on size of dog)

Rider Package

Get Your Pet Ready for Game Day

  • Green bandana
  • Green ear glitter

$15 add on

In Between Tidy Up Package

  • Face trim
  • Feet/ pad tidy
  • Bum trim
  • Nail trim


Puppies First Grooming Package

  • Bath and brush
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning
  • Feet and bum trim

Breed specific grooming advice 

Age cut off depends on breed


Add on Services:
De-matting (per 30 mins)$15
Oral Spray$5
Extra Thinning/Trimming$15+
Anti-Fungal Shampoo$15
Sensitive Skin ShampooMicrobubble
Anti- itchMicrobubble
Parasite Removal$10+
Walk in Services:
Nail Trim$10
Feet and Nail Trim$20
Face and Bum Trim$15