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Devin Meijer

Devin Meijer started her grooming career in 2009 and is still excited to go to work every morning. She loves the people at work and the fun, friendly environment. Devin has a passion for animals and their welfare. Every pet has a different personality which means there is never a dull day. “We have pets to fill our lives with happiness, having the opportunity to spend all day working with peppy, playful pets is a privilege. I’ve lived on an acreage all my life”; this about sums up Devin. I have had several dogs and cats all of which were adopted from rescue societies. Her current dogs are Kira and Caito. Her other pets include rabbits, horses, alpacas and chickens. Three of her horses were rescues that I trained and rehomed. In my spare time I volunteer as a certified wildlife rehabilitator for raptors.