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Customer Reviews


Kathy Evans
Romeo my 10 year old golden always returns home looking so handsome after grooming.
xander nichol
My cat was extremely matted. We tried everything but he was not having it, so the mats got worse and worse and worse. Finally after about 3 months of putting the issue off, I tucked my tail in and booked an appointment. Let me tell you, you are more nervous about looking into this than you need to be. They were extremely well versed on what would be required of the job. It was a lot less stress than I had anticipated. The lady working on the cat owned the salon. She was gentle but got the job done extremely quick. It took about 30 minutes for me to enter the shop, get the hair clipped, pack up the cat a leave. The cat had ZERO stress on the table. Im not sure if she was a cat whisperer, or what. But my cat just took it like a champ without throwing even 1 murder bean! (Claw). I had budgeted about $110 for the procedure, and I left with only being charged about 80% of that. This included a nail trim as well! Merlin is now the cuddliest cat on the block. Go here. That easy! Do it! For your animal and for you!
Chrystal Petz
Very easy to make appt online and pick exactly what I wanted done for Cody. They took great care of him while he was clipped& groomed. Smells amazing!! Thank you Chelsea and team!! Before & After pics included